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Spring? The Daffodils say, YES!

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Surprise! It must be SPRING! I have daffodils!

The weather warmed up today, so I took a walk through the back yard. “And what to my wandering eyes did appear?” Daffodils! So spring must be close, even though it’s only the middle of February. I know we’ll have more cold weather, but here in Georgia, Spring has been known to happen in February. If the weather stays mild, I can get the garden cleaned up early.

spring daffodil

spring tulip and daffodil

After all the cold weather, snow and ice, I couldn’t believe that they were up and about to bloom. I hope I get to see them fully in bloom before it freezes again. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

If you look close at the picture on the left, there’s also a tulip just poking its head through the leaves.

I know we’ll have more cold weather, it’s just been that type of weather this winter. I can only hope that the cold won’t ruin all my spring bulbs.

Update: Well, I was right. In early March we had real doozy of a snow and ice storm. It took my husband about 8 hours to go 20 miles. Fortunately, he got off of the expressway and came up the back roads. Otherwise….he may still be out there. Southeastern Georgia had a lot more ice than we did here north of Atlanta. My good friend who lives in Waynesboro, GA lost massive oak trees, magnolias, and camellias. Her 3 acre woods which was home to Hootie the Owl looked like an F5 tornado went through the top half of all the trees. She hopes that the bottom half will grow back. At this point in time, she’s not sure that Hootie will return. So, it’s not quite spring yet.I’m glad not all of my bulbs came up in February.