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Pansies in the Snow

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Snow, ice, and long term below freezing temperatures in Atlanta.

Pansies in Snow

Pansies in the Snow

Not nice, not nice at all. In fact….it was down right nasty. I hear all you people from the North making light of our 2 inches of snow. In fact, if I still lived in Ohio, I would be laughing too. However, I moved to the South because I didn’t like long, cold, snowy winters….so I’m not a happy person today. I can stand a little winter weather, but this year it’s been so cold for long periods, that my pansies are dieing

“Pansies?” you say! Yes, here in the South we plant pansies and other colorful ornamentals late in the fall. They hold up under frost conditions quite well. In fact, they seem to love those days where they’re a little limp from the frost in the A.M., but the sun warms up well above 32 degrees and those same pansies show off their colorful blooms. However, it appears that if they stay frozen for days on end, they are not very happy.

Usually by this time of year, I have pots and pots of pansies and a flower bed or two that are full of happy pansies blooming their little hearts out.  Not this year. They are not quite dead, so maybe there’s still hope that they will come around before it’s time to tear them up to plant petunias!

dead parsley

Dead Parsley


Sad Potted Pansies

I’ve never had my parsley completely freeze. The planter sits on my porch and gets great sun most of the afternoon. It’s always provided me with ample supplies of fresh parsley all winter…not this winter. If you look real close, you can see that it’s not quite dead. There are still sprigs alive in the center of the plant. One can only hope!


These pansies look miserable,  but I really shouldn’t complain about my pathetic pansies. This freaky 2 inches of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures left 1000’s of people stranded on our roads. Children were stranded in schools. Parents couldn’t get to their kids, buses were stuck in traffic for hours and hours, some overnight with temps in the teens.  I should count my blessings that my family was all safe in their homes.  Here’s a thank you to all those people who helped each other through this ordeal. The principal who entertained students with a snowcation, the stranded EMT who helped deliver a baby, the people who passed messages over social media to try and get help to others who needed it. Nice job, citizens of the Atlanta area.

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