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Starting Seeds

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calendarTomorrow is Feb 1st. That’s seed starting day. So, I can be ready for the middle of March.

The middle of March…..what can you plant then?  Don’t forget, I live just north of Atlanta and the onions, chard and other cooler weather items need to be ready to plant. We still get frost in March, but we have enough warm days, that our soil is already getting warm enough to plant spring onions, chard, some greens, and a few other delectable items.

Some of these items do better if I start the seeds now. Also, to be ready to plant tomatoes and peppers in early April….those seeds need to get going as well.

So what did I do today? No….., I didn’t get any seeds started. I looked outside and there is still snow on the ground from that freak 2 inches of snow that fell a couple of days ago, and…my parsley is still frozen. So I decided to order a small indoor planter with grow light so I could get a new batch of parsley started, maybe some basil and thyme.

One of my favorite sites to order neat stuff is www.gardeners.com. They are not the cheapest, but the site is well organized, full of ideas, easy ordering, and many shipping options.  So In a couple of days, I’m going to get my herb garden going again.  Too bad it froze on my sunny front porch this year, but that’s what I get for thinking that it just wouldn’t get that cold …. for so long.