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Technical Updates

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OK, for the last few weeks, I have been upgrading this site. Since I’m not an expert at web site development, it took me a while. I found some great tools to add on to the standard WordPress software which once installed really sped up the process of adding technical features to the site. I added Thesis 2.1.9 and Agility Nude The combination of these two “Skins” really made it easier for me to create the site without knowing a whole lot about html or css. (A little bit of knowledge was helpful.) They provided an user friendly interface to create page templates, and some really nifty style options. I ran into a couple of confusing situations, but the support from both the Thesis and Agility¬† groups was absolutely fantastic.

So now I have a site that looks the way I want, behaves the way I want, and scales sizes to be able to be read on a smart phone, a tablet, or a laptop. Easy..peasy! The updates are done, well until I think of something else I want to do.


Here are links to their sites:

Thesis from DIYThemes

Agility Nude from BYOBWebsite