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Project Updates: Indoor Mobile Garden

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Feb 7, 2014: Day 1:Seeds are planted

Yep, there’s really seeds in there.  The little red bird marks the start of the first row of basil. planted seeds There’s four more rows of seeds,  1 parsley and 3 spring lettuce. I’ve heard I should keep these seeds in the dark until they sprout. That seems odd to me. They are not in the dark when I plant them outside and they grow just fine. So, I’m letting the sun shine in. As soon as they get their first real leaves, I may have to add a grow light to provide enough “sun” on these short winter days.


Feb 11, 2014″ Day 5: Seeds are already sprouting!

lettuce_sproutsEven though it’s snowing outside today, (Yes, again Atlanta is freaking out about the weather. ) my little garden already is sprouting up lettuce and basil.  I didn’t plant the lettuce seeds in rows, I just sprinkled them over the surface and covered them up. They still look a little fragile, but they will soon be on the way to my table!

A couple of the basil seeds are up, but for the most part everything else is still quietly germinating.

So far both the cat and dog are leaving my cart alone.

I did find good container/seed starter mix, so I planted my tomatoes and I decided to give those onions a try after all, so those also got planted.

March 5, 2014: Seedlings abound!


See this post for more detail on these seedlings. I want to garden