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Time for Indoor Herb Garden

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herb garden cart supplies

I'm a little behind this year. I haven't even started a seed yet. Over the holidays, I used almost all of my indoor pots of herbs and without fresh basil... I am lost! I best get busy. Time to get my indoor herb garden back on track. Last year, as you may remember, (see last [...]

Canning Tomatoes

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Thick tomato juice

If you have several tomato plants, chances are that, occasionally, you have a surplus of ripe tomatoes. You could share them all with your neighbors or you could simply prepare some or all of them to be canned later. With the healthy plants I had this year, I had so many ripe tomatoes (most of [...]

My Herb and Perennial Summer Garden

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long garden view

At last my summer garden is thriving. Nights stayed cool well into May and early June. Now....hot humid days and warm humid nights which my garden loves! The spring blooms have come and gone and the summer blooms are just beginning. I find myself sitting on my deck and just staring at the new blooms [...]

Technical Updates

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OK, for the last few weeks, I have been upgrading this site. Since I'm not an expert at web site development, it took me a while. I found some great tools to add on to the standard Wordpress software which once installed really sped up the process of adding technical features to the site. I [...]

Transplant Seedlings

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transplant seedlings

After you have thinned the seedlings (see how to in this postI want to Garden), let them grow until they have multiple real leaves. The first leaves they grow are called cotyledon. All of the seeds I planted (except the onions) have two first leaves and are called dicotyledons. They really don't resemble the later [...]

I Want to Garden

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But it's just too cold and wet to get motivated for outdoor gardening (even though I really need to get in gear whether the weather is good or bad). Yes, that is snow and ice on top of my garden.....again, here in Atlanta. Plus, my mother has been ill and I've been away so even [...]

Project Updates: Indoor Mobile Garden

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Feb 7, 2014: Day 1:Seeds are planted Yep, there's really seeds in there.  The little red bird marks the start of the first row of basil.  There's four more rows of seeds,  1 parsley and 3 spring lettuce. I've heard I should keep these seeds in the dark until they sprout. That seems odd to [...]

Indoor Herb Garden

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planter pebbles

Usually, I have a couple of pots of basil and thyme going in my kitchen window. This year I used up all the basil over the holidays and the thyme leaped off the sill and dove straight into a sink full of hot sudsy water.  One could say it suffered a "clean" death. I decided [...]