Diary of an Average Gardener




So glad you’re checking out my site.


Just a little about me: I currently live outside of Atlanta, GA and have done so for the better part of forty years. I was raised in a small town in Northwest Ohio, but left the area for the sunny (no snow) South in 1974. I married here, raised my children here, and oddly enough…I’m still here.


My husband of 39 years and I did do a brief stint in Detroit, but hated the cold and snow. We came back to Georgia. We also lived in Naples, FL for a little over seven years. We loved it there, but husband’s job brought us back to Georgia. We have 2 children, both grown and out on their own. So now, it’s just the two of us, plus a Bull Mastiff, named Cooper and an aging cat, named Tidbit.


I retired from the high tech world a few years ago and started looking for other areas to keep my interest. I joined a network marketing company and tried selling products direct and online. I discovered that I am not much of a salesperson. I guess sales were somewhat out of my “comfort zone”. Not wanting to give up, I joined various organizations that guaranteed “if I just followed what they did, I too could make a six figure income. I just needed to do things outside of my comfort zone.” Ha! I’m too old and worked too long to now take on something outside of my “comfort zone”. Guess I just wasn’t hungry enough or broke enough.


Actually, most of these organizations provided valuable tools and concepts that are legitimate internet marketing techniques, used by most successful businesses.(You get emails and ads on your Facebook page from these types of companies everyday, i.e. Walmart, Home Depot, Microsoft, Target, and 1000s more.)


So what was my problem? I just wasn’t doing something that I enjoyed. I was writing blog posts and doing You Tube videos on topics that were to help others looking for answers about how to market themselves and their products on the internet when I was still trying to figure that out myself. Somehow, I just couldn’t bond with this approach.


So, I resigned from my network marketing organization and cancelled my memberships in the internet marketing support organizations. (This saved me significant dollars.)


Then I spent time thinking about the things I enjoy. OK, I do like to write, I now know how to blog (one of those techniques I learned from the internet marketing groups). I also like to garden and I am a fair cook. Not a foodie, just a cook who’s trying to cook healthier these days. So here it is, a blog about my gardening efforts and a little about cooking.


Being a practical person at heart, I will use another acquired technique called affiliate marketing to make a few bucks to cover hosting and domain fees. That’s posting ads in the sidebar that may be of interest to anyone who happens to read the post. There will be no attempts to recruit anyone into a network marketing organizations. (I no longer belong to any!) The only email you will receive from me would be one that you request.


To stimulate interest, I encourage readers to subscribe to my blog. Subscribing will allow you comment on a post. I will also be looking for real experts who will be able to post their own articles.


Looking forward to getting to know you,


Lois (Lou) Ashton