Diary of an Average Gardener

June 2014

Tomato Early Blight

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early blight

Early Blight affects tomatoes and other garden vegetables (peppers and potatoes). Blight is a fungus which lives in the soil and is not easily removed, especially here in the South where the winters are not typically cold enough to kill the fungus. Early Blight typically starts at the bottom of the plant and untreated will [...]

My Herb and Perennial Summer Garden

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long garden view

At last my summer garden is thriving. Nights stayed cool well into May and early June. Now....hot humid days and warm humid nights which my garden loves! The spring blooms have come and gone and the summer blooms are just beginning. I find myself sitting on my deck and just staring at the new blooms [...]

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

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Tomato spotted wilt virus

I check out my garden every morning and it's a good thing I do. In early June I found a couple of my tomato plants that had some brownish spots and brown areas on the leaves. Most of the leaves were on the top of one plant. On closer examination I found similar spots on [...]