Diary of an Average Gardener

February 2014

Spring? The Daffodils say, YES!

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The weather warmed up today, so I took a walk through the back yard. "And what to my wandering eyes did appear?" Daffodils! So spring must be close, even though it's only the middle of February. I know we'll have more cold weather, but here in Georgia, Spring has been known to happen in February. [...]

Project Updates: Indoor Mobile Garden

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Feb 7, 2014: Day 1:Seeds are planted Yep, there's really seeds in there.  The little red bird marks the start of the first row of basil.  There's four more rows of seeds,  1 parsley and 3 spring lettuce. I've heard I should keep these seeds in the dark until they sprout. That seems odd to [...]

Indoor Herb Garden

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planter pebbles

Usually, I have a couple of pots of basil and thyme going in my kitchen window. This year I used up all the basil over the holidays and the thyme leaped off the sill and dove straight into a sink full of hot sudsy water.  One could say it suffered a "clean" death. I decided [...]